Two Tier Garden

The clients for this project wanted a full redesign with a modern feel to it. They wanted to change the whole ambience of the garden and incorporate nice spaces.
In this design I created a ‘two tier’ garden, one as an entertaining area and the other to relax and unwind.
The materials used in the garden design and construction were porcelain tiling for both tiers. The wooden porcelain tile is a beautiful way to give the garden a “decking feel” without the headaches of decking wood.
The granite porcelain for the lower tier complements the green colour of the artificial grass and creates a cool calm atmosphere in which the clients can relax and unwind in this extended living space.
The planting in this garden cries out colours and textures. It has the “Charlie and the chocolate factory” feel with all its wonderful colours and textures all in one space, allowing eyes to wander around the garden taking in all the beautiful colours and textures! The two different levels of planting areas maximise the full range of plants on show.
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