Small Garden Redesign

I redesigned this back garden in Warrington and with the clients briefing, so I've designed two different seating areas in the garden with the clients using the two areas of sun areas to seat out in. I've built a pergola in the garden to give the seating area an enclosed feel. Also the clients wanted to build an extension of a shed to the house for a storage area. There [...]

Modern Private Garden

The clients brought a modern new home in Cambridge , and wanted more privacy in the garden and to keep with the modern style of their home. So I've designed the garden to allow more privacy in there garden but also keeping a green space for there young children. In the designed, raised flower beds would give the garden more depth and character,allowing the planting to give more privacy in there garden. I've designed the side [...]

Driveway Redesign

The client was looking for a clear and clean lined front garden and driveway. They wanted to use white/grey granite cobble and paving. I designed the front entrance to hold a car parking space but also allow enough space for a ‘walk way’ up to the front door. There are two planting beds with a strong green colour as a contrast to the white/grey granite. The main parking space is […]

Two Tier Garden

The clients for this project wanted a full redesign with a modern feel to it. They wanted to change the whole ambience of the garden and incorporate nice spaces. In this design I created a 'two tier' garden, one as an entertaining area and the other to relax and unwind. The materials used in the garden design and construction were porcelain tiling for both tiers. The wooden porcelain tile is [...]

Garden Redesign

The clients had a very small back garden. They wanted to build a small garage in which to store personal belongings and they still wished to have enough space so that they could entertain and sit out of both a daytime and evening and enjoy their garden. I created a design that allowed for their storage space and still give them both enough space to entertain and enjoy their garden [...]