Resin Bound Driveways

Resin Bound driveways are a highly durable long lasting product, it far surpasses its competitors. The way we make our product eradicates cracks, stone migration, weed growth, moss, puddles and subsidence. It eliminates puddles due to the permeable nature of the material which ensures it is a fully Sustainable urban Drainage System (SuDS) making puddles and slipping a thing of the past. Resin Bound driveways are also strongly recommended by the Environment Agency as they help combat flooding, especially if used on large areas. Resin Bound, will never crack or break because of the way we lay our sub-base. The application of the resin/hardener mix ensures that the resin binds, seals and prevents stone migration.

Resin Bound driveways are often referred to as “hand trowelled”. This system uses the aggregate blend, in a rotary paddle type mixer, with the two part resin mixed with measured amounts of aggregates to ensure each mix is identical prior to application. The mixture is then trowelled to a smooth finish. Design elements can be incorporated into the finished area by using contrasting stone colours to create the desired finish.

This method relies on the aggregate and the resin being agitated together in mixer and then spread over the prepared base with hand floats. This type of application should have a thickness of 15-20mm and is applied to the entire area. This the most common method of application.

The above systems ensure that the resin sets relatively quickly in most cases, depending on weather conditions, within 60 minutes. All our work is carried out by specialists who have experience in the industry, ensuring all work is carried out and completed to the highest standard.

Some of the Benefits Include:

Resin Bound can also be carried out inside your homes and living spaces too:

  • Extremely durable
  • Has a smooth finish with anti-slip surface
  • Comfortable under foot
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Unlimited range of colours
  • Design flexibility
  • Work is guaranteed for 10 years

It will complement any home as it is fully customisable enabling you to have it looking the way you want. This makes your designs and ideas totally unique ensuring individuality.

It is also offered in a water tight finish so that any spillages won’t penetrate or stain thus, ensuring the life of your floor.


  1. It’s permeable
  2. It’s aesthetically pleasing
  3. It’s resistant to weather conditions
  4. It’s long lasting
  5. A faster installation with less mess
  6. It is environmentally friendly
  7. It’s SuDS compliant (Sustainable urban Drainage Systems)

Sample colours that can make your driveway unique compared to others:


The work we carry out is by trained specialists with experience and extensive knowledge, this is why our customers gain peace of mind when it comes to their new driveway!