I have worked in the Landscape Industry now for over 15 years. Working with several different styles of landscaping companies. I grew up on a rural farm in Ireland and working outdoors, in the countryside and amongst nature, is where i feel most at ease. I went to a boarding school for six years and got all my qualifications. I then furthered myself by attending a Horticulture College for 4 years and received my certification in Horticulture.

I began working with some well established landscape companies where I learnt so much about landscape at a high standard.

I had aspirations to complete a Landscape Design course and so attended college in Dublin where I got my Diploma in “Landscape Design”. This was recognised by the “Garden Design Academy of Ireland”. Dermot Gavin spent time with me as a mentor. Dermot Gavin is one of the most famous landscape designers in the industry. He has design gardens all over the world and won many awards for his work. Having him was a great help and opened my eyes to a whole new world of design.

On moving to the UK I formed “Green Acorn Landscape Design & Construction Ltd” and have since completed projects in; Dublin, Cheshire, Manchester, Cambridgeshire and Liverpool.

During my education and years of experience working int he landscaping industry i have acquired the following qualifications:

*Here i am receiving my qualification from famous landscape gardener Dermot Gavin 

Since starting up “Green Acorn Landscape Design & Construction Ltd” the services i provide have grown, we now offer:

If you are interested in any of the services we provide please feel free to contact us on 07593604954 or click here