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Project Description

From Grand Challenge to Grand Design: The Hale Haven Transformation

The Green Acorn Approach:  Green Acorn Landscape Design took on a captivating project at Hale Haven, a grand property with unique challenges and immense potential.  The clients envisioned a contemporary garden that exuded elegance and surpassed the aesthetic appeal of neighboring properties. The existing space boasted a dynamic layout with split levels, offering a sense of depth and character. Additionally, a mature planting scheme provided privacy and security, crucial considerations in their affluent neighborhood.

Green Acorn’s Expertise:  Our team meticulously planned a transformation that addressed every aspect of the client’s vision.  To achieve the desired contemporary aesthetic, we focused on clean lines and elegant design elements.  The existing multi-level layout was further accentuated, maximizing its visual impact. The mature plantings were carefully curated to maintain privacy and security while injecting life and vibrancy into the space. As a grand entrance befitting the property, a bespoke driveway paved with granite setts was constructed. This not only enhanced the aesthetic but also offered ample and organized parking for the clients and their guests.

A Transformation Worthy of Hale Haven:  The completed Hale Haven project stands as a testament to Green Acorn’s ability to navigate design challenges and deliver exceptional results.  The contemporary garden now boasts an elegance that surpasses neighboring properties, while the multi-level layout and mature plantings create a captivating interplay of depth and privacy. The grand entrance with its granite set driveway adds a touch of sophistication and functionality. This project exemplifies Green Acorn’s commitment to exceeding expectations and crafting truly unique and stunning outdoor living spaces.

Scope : Landscape Design

Project Date : Summer 2023

Hale outdoor seating area garden transformation
Olive tree outside a stunning landscaped garden in Hale