Private Island

Project Description

Island Inspiration: Green Acorn Designs a Modern Oasis

The Challenge: Inspired by a captivating element from a prior Green Acorn project, our clients sought to incorporate a similar feature into their own private island garden. Following a recent home extension, their vision was to create a seamless and modern outdoor living space that perfectly complemented their newly renovated residence.

The Green Acorn Solution: Focusing on the clients' desire for both functionality and aesthetics, our design team crafted a stunning outdoor kitchen complete with a unique island seating area. This innovative element served as a central hub for entertaining and enjoying the picturesque island surroundings. To further enhance the modern aesthetic, we replaced the existing fencing with beautiful red cedar timber. This strategic choice not only modernized the space but also visually elongated the garden, creating a feeling of expansive tranquillity.

The Outcome: The resulting private island sanctuary is a testament to Green Acorn's ability to translate inspiration into reality. The modern outdoor kitchen with its unique island seating area creates a perfect space for entertaining and relaxation. The sleek red cedar fencing completes the modern transformation, offering a seamless extension of the clients' newly renovated home. This project exemplifies our commitment to creating personalized and functional outdoor living spaces that elevate island living to a whole new level.

Project Date : Winter 2023

a private island surrounded by water in a Cheshire garden transformation
Outdoor water feature Garden transformation
Outdoor water feature view from window Garden transformation
Outdoor water feature seating area Garden transformation