Runcorn Landscape Design

Green acorn landscape design outdoor kitchen
Green acorn landscape design outdoor kitchen

Project Description

The client brief on this project, was to have both a child friendly area, and also an entertaining space for the adults with family cosy area.

The clients wanted a smart contemporary style garden with low maintenance. With that we came up with the design to split the garden into three different sections: 

  1. Entertaining and dining area
  2. Cosy family area
  3. Children’s play area with playhouse, sunken trampoline and basketball area

We wanted the clients to be able to use the garden all year round and have given them the option to sit in their garden rain or shine. This was achieved by putting in a bio-climatic retractable pergola allowing the client to open or close the roof at any point. 

The use of different porcelain tiles highlights the different areas of the garden in addition to providing the garden with a contemporary feel. 

Privacy was also a big issue with the garden. Being over looked by so many windows in the estate, we wanted to give the clients some privacy when sitting out in their garden. Putting in some high pleach trees gave that instant privacy and allowed the clients to feel relaxed in their own garden.

Scope : Landscape Design

Project Date : Spring 2019