Small Space, Big Oasis

Leigh garden transformation drone shot including jacuzzi

Project Description

Small Space, Big Oasis: Green Acorn Crafts a Modern Sanctuary

The Challenge: Green Acorn faced the intriguing task of maximizing a small, square garden and incorporating a multitude of the client’s desires. Their vision emphasized a tranquil haven for relaxation after long days, a space specifically designed to unwind and reconnect with nature. Furthermore, the clients expressed a strong desire for outdoor cooking and dining, along with a luxurious jacuzzi area and a cozy fire pit for cooler evenings.

The Green Acorn Solution: Understanding the need for both functionality and aesthetics in a limited space, our design team meticulously crafted a modern and compact oasis. By using clever design principles and space-saving techniques, we were able to incorporate all the elements on the client’s wishlist. A sleek and stylish outdoor kitchen with a designated dining area seamlessly blended into the design, offering an ideal space for al fresco meals and entertaining. Next to it, a tranquil jacuzzi area provided a perfect spot for relaxation and rejuvenation. Finally, a captivating fire pit became a focal point for cozy evenings spent outdoors, enjoying the flickering flames and the warmth it provides.

A Modern Marvel: Despite its compact size, the garden feels surprisingly spacious due to the strategic use of modern materials and design elements. Clean lines, a neutral color palette, and a carefully curated selection of materials create a cohesive and visually appealing space. This project exemplifies Green Acorn’s expertise in maximizing small spaces and crafting stunning, functional outdoor living areas that cater to every aspect of the client’s desires.


Scope : Landscape Design

Project Date : Winter 2022

Night time garden in Leigh
Garden Jacuzzi area at night
Leigh garden renovation
Feature garden wall Leigh