Wigan Three Tier

Green Acorn Runcorn Main
Green Acorn Runcorn 2
Green Acorn Runcorn 3

Project Description

With this unusual garden space, we designed the garden so that the clients could maximise their garden space. In this landscape design project we created a three tier level garden giving each level its own identity and allowing the clients to maximise the use of thier garden. 

Having the garden in three different levels allows the clients and friends to view all of the garden from their kitchen window. Using the house brick as raised planter walls and then adding a beautiful bespoke red cedar fencing giving the garden a longer feel to it. 

There are some feature walls in the garden to add more to the garden space. At the back we have added a water feature and pergola for a more relaxing time spent in the garden. The planting is quite contemporary but with some spectacular plants on view wherever you sit in the garden.

Scope : Landscape Design

Project Date : Summer 2019